Christmas in the Scottish Highlands

In life, it is about the journey, not the destination. I followed this saying several times on my trip. First in Scotland. Trying to find my hotel proved to be slightly more difficult than anticipated, even with my GPS telling me everywhere to go along the way. However, I got to experience late night Glasgow at Christmas time. Trust me when I say it was beautiful, even at midnight when the street lights were the only signs of life. I actually walked into the wrong hotel at first. Thankfully, the staff there knew exactly where I needed to go.

If you have a thing for lights and sparkles, visiting another country during Christmas time should be high on your to-do list. Both Glasgow, Scotland and Galway, Ireland took my breath away with their Christmas festivals. The lights were beautiful and gave a warm ambiance to the otherwise dark and crowded city squares. I do have to warn you, Christmas is high traffic time in airports. But, seeing all of the lights almost makes it worth it.

Christmas festivals aside. Have you seen the Scottish highlands? I mean look at this:

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Clouds did not rain down on my day. If anything it made my trip more enjoyable. While I haven’t done much traveling in my life, I’m super grateful that my first alone trip was to Scotland. A beautiful countryside, friendly people, AMAZING food, what more could a 20-something-year-old ask for? I highly recommend a trip to Scotland. In fact, my aunt and uncle loved the pictures that I posted to my social media pages so much that they just went on their own trip to Ireland! I wish them luck and hope they have so much fun!

As much as I would like to go on and one about these two countries, it has taken me six months to even make this post. And to be honest, some of the smaller, minuet details are a bit fuzzy for me. But if any one has any questions, or would like more photos, please let me know and I will post so many more!

Introduction to traveling

For the first time in my short 24 years of life, I made the decision to travel alone. This wasn’t a short road-trip either. No. I spent my first 12 hours uneventfully flying from Kentucky to Philadelphia, then Philadelphia to Dublin, Ireland. At which point, I spent 6 hours in the airport waiting on a flight that wound up being cancelled. Thankfully, this was the worst experience I had the entire trip. After running around trying to find out how I would get to my final destination, I took another connecting flight to London, and then to my final destination Glasgow, Scotland. As my first time traveling alone, it was relatively easy except for the few issues trying to get to Scotland.

A few things I learned this time around. Don’t be nervous. I was a big ball of nerves once I got to security. What should I have to be nervous about? I followed all the rules for carry on baggage. Also, if you are flying international, you do get a free baggage check. Which I did not know. But I wished I had. It would’ve saved some time in the long run. Third, once you are in a different country, that’s when you need to get any cash. Unfortunately, my bank is super efficient and I had several issues trying to get cash from the ATM. Invest in an international phone plan if you intend to travel to a different country. Yes there is Facebook, and WhatsApp, and many other apps that don’t require the use of data to use them. However, you’ll find that it is a lot more difficult to find WiFi than previously anticipated. If you want to stick with the WiFi route, be prepared to pay for it at an internet cafe. I highly doubt you’ll want to camp out in your hotel your entire trip. I recommend opting for the phone plan with data. This will come in handy if you are like me and wander aimlessly around the cities.

These are all the tips and tricks I have for now! Stay tuned for my next post about my journey through the Scottish Highlands and the beautiful lochs that litter the Scottish countryside.

Introduction to me

Hello! My name is Rachel. I have vowed to myself, that this year is the year of renewal. This is the year I am revisiting everything that once defined me. Photography, cooking, nature, animals, oddly enough–fitness. The added exception of course, to everything that once defined me, traveling. My traveling trend started late in life, and for reasons I won’t bore anyone with. However, I got a little taste of it December of 2018, after 24 long years. and honestly? I’d like to travel as much as possible while I can. Weekend trips across the country are in store for my dog and best-friend, Atlas, and me.

Altas and Me December 2018~~ Photo courtesy my mother

I’ll be using this blog/website as a way to express to others like myself the photos I take, the food I enjoyed, and later attempt to recreate. Along with all of that, I will include little bits and pieces of my personal life as well. Recipes I enjoy cooking being one of the top priorities. Pictures of my little farm and what it takes to keep it up and running. Really, a portfolio of pictures in general will be included on here. But first, a recap of my trip from mid December.