Introduction to me

Hello! My name is Rachel. I have vowed to myself, that this year is the year of renewal. This is the year I am revisiting everything that once defined me. Photography, cooking, nature, animals, oddly enough–fitness. The added exception of course, to everything that once defined me, traveling. My traveling trend started late in life, and for reasons I won’t bore anyone with. However, I got a little taste of it December of 2018, after 24 long years. and honestly? I’d like to travel as much as possible while I can. Weekend trips across the country are in store for my dog and best-friend, Atlas, and me.

Altas and Me December 2018~~ Photo courtesy my mother

I’ll be using this blog/website as a way to express to others like myself the photos I take, the food I enjoyed, and later attempt to recreate. Along with all of that, I will include little bits and pieces of my personal life as well. Recipes I enjoy cooking being one of the top priorities. Pictures of my little farm and what it takes to keep it up and running. Really, a portfolio of pictures in general will be included on here. But first, a recap of my trip from mid December.